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Twin Towers

The fabled Twin Towers were the city’s tallest skyscrapers until the Freedom Tower. They are most noted for being hosts to one the country’s most tragic disasters, known as  9/11. The 110-story buildings were a visitor attraction due to the various shops and restaurants placed just beneath the buildings. Designers made up the World Trade Center complex of seven buildings, and a large plaza; the Trade Center housed trade organizations, brokerages, international banks, steamship lines, freight handlers, government agencies, and the U.S. Custom House.

History of Twin Towers

Officials proposed the idea for a World Trade Center in 1960, and opened for business ten or so years later. However, constructors did not complete the buildings until 1973. The idea, essentially, was to build a sort of city within a city. The complex would have its own medical facility, police station, along with banks, shops, and restaurants. Minoru Yamasaki designed the buildings, and constructed over a course of many hardworking years. In 1970, the first tower stood, completed. Followed shortly by the finalization of the construction of tower #2 in 1971.

Twin Towers Black and White Photograph
Twin Towers Black and White Photograph

Over the years, the Twin Towers were hosts to many astonishing events. For example, a car bomb being set off by terrorists in the garage beneath the building on February 26, 1993; a large fire on the 11th floor of the North Tower earlier in 1975, and many others. However, no event was as memorable yet horrifying as the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Attack of 9/11

In the early morning, a hijacked commercial jet crashed straight into the North Tower starting a fire so intense it exceeded 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Not twenty minutes after, a second plane crash occurred, this time aimed to the South Tower. Approximately 1-2 hours later, the South Tower collapsed. It was followed shortly by the North Tower, clouding the street in ash, smoke, and tangled steel.

Fortunately, the majority of the 50,000 people working in the towers escaped with minor injuries, while 3,682 in total died including the casualties from the plane crash. All throughout the weeks, people walked around the street with photographs of loved ones begging the search crews to recover their bodies, but in the end, many bodies were left buried deep in the rubble, unable to be recovered.

Twin Towers Black and White Photograph
Twin Towers Black and White Photograph

All the art and photos offered at show the grand towers standing side by side, looming over the entire city. For so long, the towers have been a key piece of the New York City landscape; everybody became accustomed to seeing them cast their shadows over the other buildings and looking out on to the Brooklyn Bridge and river beneath. Every photo highlights not only the tragedy that brought the towers down, but also the memories that came along with them. Buy some of the historic art to have a piece of these memories that can never be recreated.