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Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the most iconic landmarks of New York. It is one of the tallest buildings in New York. The Empire has been featured in over 90 films, and attracts millions of visitors each year.


The site of the building at first was occupied by the John Thompson Farm in the late 18th century. By the start of the 19th century, it was replaced by the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. Later on, the “race for the tallest tower” began, and the Empire soon stood in the hotel’s place. Workers finalized the Empire State Building’s construction in 1931. Then, it became the tallest skyscraper, beating out the tallest building of that time, the Chrysler Building. The entire construction process of the building involved approximately 3,400 workers. Most of the construction workers happened to be European Immigrants and Mohawk iron workers.

The Empire State Building Watercolor Painting
The Empire State Building Watercolor Painting
The Empire State Building Black and White Photograph
The Empire State Building Photograph

The opening of the building, unfortunately, coincided with the Great Depression in New York. So, much of the office space available to go unrented for quite a while. Also, the Empire’s placement on 34th street turned out to be a highly inconvenient location, as there were no public transportation services for at least several blocks, which added to the building’s vacancy issue of the time. Towards the end of the Depression, the building began attracting more visitors due to its beautiful scenery from the higher floors; around 1950 the building finally became profitable, and in 1951 a man named Roger L. Stevens bought the building.


Although the lovely building draws in a large crowd yearly with its pleasing scenery, it has not always been such a cozy and welcoming place to visit. In the previous years, the Empire State Building was a target of many unpleasant incidents. Two major shootings took place in front of the Empire, along with countless suicide attempts. Despite this rough history however, this skyscraper still manages to bring in thousands of visitors. Along with regular citizens, the Empire State Building often gets visits from celebrities, especially since the 103rd floor area of the building is known as a celebrity hotspot.

The Empire State Building is a key piece of the New York City skyline; it is a feature without which we cannot imagine the horizon. The art and photos of the Empire available at capture the building in such angles that each artwork is unique in its own way. They show how the building casts its shadow over the rest of the streets and people, how it completes the landscape along with the Statue of Liberty, and how it stretches to the sky above all other buildings. Buy one of these unique works of art to see how the tower truly completes and fits the picture, and New York wouldn’t be the same without it.